Getting it wrong

Getting stuff wrong...

  • Whatever anyone may like you to believe, there isn't a boater on the British Waterways network who hasn't mucked it all up BIG TIME at some point or another.  It's a part of the learning experience so please don't worry too much when (not if) it happens to you!

    Many believe boating to be a contact sport and accept the odd 'bump' as a right of passage.  If you do bump into another boat, simply smile and say sorry - most boaters will know how you feel, may make a slightly cutting comment anyway, but will let it go and probably smile to themselves after you've gone whilst remembering the time they did exactly the same thing.

    On very odd occasions you'll find a grumpy and thoroughly nasty old/young git who'll like you to think they've never made a mistake in the history of their boating career, and they may try to give you a pretty hard time.  Again, smile, say sorry and pass in peace - you will hardly ever see such situations develop into anything more serious than a few heated words - please do not match 'like for like' if they start to swear or shout at you - just smile, stay calm and say sorry - they then have many other options other than to accept your smile.

  • OOoops...
    On very (very) rare occasions you'll possibly cause some damage to another boat. Thankfully this really is rare, but if it does happen due to your actions, call us immediately, and complete the Damage To Other form in your Boat Manual.  Get the person who is in control of the boat you've damaged to fill in the 'Part B' of the form, and ensure they have our contact details.  Once done, leave the rest to us.  We'll have assessed if you're safe to continue, and if so, just forget it (but try not to do it again, obviously!).  If your boat has been damaged in such a manner that you are unable to continue, please refer to our terms and conditions, and prepare for a few nights in a hotel :-)

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