We have a very simple business philosophy when it comes to working with others. We believe co-operation and collaboration to be infinitely more productive than confrontation and conflict. We actively strive to develop alliances with those who share this philosophy.

Unlike many waterway businesses, we try, often against the odds, to extend this philosophy when dealing with British Waterways, who are often viewed within the industry as being - at best, 'difficult' to work with and at worst, a colossal, bureaucratic, wasteful, unnecessarily officious, obstructively heavy-handed arm of Government.  We welcome every opportunity to demonstrate that these views may not always be appropriate, and will highlight positive experiences.

We are always looking to develop productive relationships with business partners, especially so with owners of high quality boats who may have considered generating some spare income when they're not away cruising.

Partnerships and commercial relationships with Boatyards, Marina Operators and other waterway trades are also highly welcome.

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