The 'handover' is where we introduce you to your boat - it's in three stages "about your boat", "Handling and Safety" and "Happy Boating".

We like to believe that our handover is pretty much amongst the best in the industry, not just because we want to assure ourselves that you're capable of handling a very valuable boat - but more importantly, that you are going to be fully confident in order to get the best possible, and most enjoyable of experience, ensuring the safety of you, your crew, our boat and the environment.

Our handover goes from the 'pointy' bit at the front (Bow) to the 'roundy' bit at the back (Stern) and we take you through just about everything in between. We'll show you where everything is, how it works and what safety measures are in place. Don't worry too much if it all seems confusing at first, we'll spend as much time as you need to become fully familiar with all of the controls and appliances.

Then we go through the safety of boating - in depth (excuse the pun, we don't go as far as throwing you in!). This will start by getting you confident in the use of lifejackets.

You're going to learn about your boat, and how to handle her in every possible situation (we can't promise to arrange a gale for your instruction, but we can provide you with challenging scenarios to work through, including simulated 'man overboard' situations).

We cover cruising, navigation, maneuvering, turning and mooring. We'll also cover daily, weekly and emergency maintenance. We'll cover the essentials in order to get you fully in control of your boat (and crew), and promise to enhance your own ability to live aboard in safety and comfort.

As you may now have gathered, this can take some time, at least (very least) Five hours, but we'll spend as long as you need to get you (and us) fully confident that you're going to be able to handle your boat with some accomplished and demonstrated degree of easily recognisable skill, and fully enjoy your experience without having to worry about your boat or your ability to handle her.

Long term hires mean we have the opportunity to spend quality time with you over the first few days. This is again tailored to your needs, but we feel it's easier to spend a few hours each day taking you through all of the various aspects of your boat, how to handle her, and how to safely enjoy our waterways.

It's not like the exams you'll have experienced at school, we try to make it fun, and it will be entirely experiential (learning from 'doing it').

The reason we take so long is not because there's a 'lot' to learn, more because we want you 'to learn', so we go gradually, not cramming everything in or rushing it, allowing you time to work things out, ask questions (the more the merrier, please), and build your skills and competencies at your own pace - not ours.

In addition to our handover we offer a free RYA training course delivered by an independent trainer for ALL hires, for you and another member of your crew.

Our Handover has been independently audited by the British Marine Federation.  Click the logo below for more information. 

BMF Hire Boat Handover

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