There's a huge difference between 'buoyancy aids' and 'lifejackets'.

A buoyancy aid is just that; an aid to buoyancy.  It will help keep the wearer afloat.

A Lifejacket has to meet certain standards and criteria in order to be called a 'Lifejacket'.  We only provide CE Approved self inflating lifejackets.  Lightweight and uncumbersome to wear, they will inflate automatically upon submersion in water and with a Newton buoyancy rating of 150, ensure that even an unconscious wearer face down in the water is turned upright with their head clear of the water.

The reason we highly recommend the wearing of lifejackets, especially at locks, is not a reflection on your ability to swim, but as an overall safety strategy.  Should you fall into a lock and bang your head, it may knock you out for a few minutes.  In such a scenario your lifejacket will automatically inflate and right you in the water, enabling you to breathe and be recovered safely and quickly.

All lifejackets provided by Sheffield Narrowboats are inspected and tested annually.

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