Free RYA Inland Waterway Helmsman Course on ALL bookings

New for 2009

To enhance your experience and get you off to the finest of starts, we include a RYA Helmsman Course with all bookings.

We ran a trial of offering the course free to all longer term hires in 2007/2008 and this was such a great success that we have decided to offer it, free of charge, to all of our customers.

This is in addition to our own extensive introduction, boat training and handover.  The RYA Helmsman Course is fully accredited and Internationally recognised. 

Course content includes:

  • Deck Work
  • Mooring
  • Ropes and knots
  • Helmsmanship
  • Boat Handling
  • Personal Safety
  • Boat Safety
  • Engines
  • Locks
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Collision avoidance
  • Care of the Environment 

An RYA Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course, and this can be used towards the International Certificate of Competence.

This does not replace our own thorough introduction to your boat.  We will still spend as much time as you need, in order to ensure you're fully confident and happy to set off on your Experience 'in full control'.

Why are we doing this?

We take boating, the waterways, our envoronment and safety very seriously.  Many of our customers come to us as they're contemplating a life aboard their own boat, others embark on an adventure of a lifetime, some just go away for long periods and explore the UK from the towpath on an extended holiday.  ALL however, will become, to a greater or lesser extent, 'real boaters' during their experience.  The RYA Helmsman Course combined with our own training provides the best possible start you can get for you experience, unmatched by ANY hire company in the UK.

We see this as a central part of our attempt to raise the standards within the UK hire industry.


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