Do the dishes, not the fishes

Whilst cruising the Llangollen this week we saw, and later met nb. Tia, sporting the ECOVER logo and slogan:
"Do the dishes, not the fishes".

Tia, run by, and for boaters who care about the environment, not only sell the entire ECOVER range, but also a growing stock of environmentally friendly cleaning and hygiene products for boats and those inside them.

This blog entry may sound like an advert, and in a way it is, as Charlotte and I thought it was such a smashing idea for a waterway business that we'd like to help support what they're doing.  Although the proprietors may not end up Billionaires - the waterways will most certainly benefit from their endeavors.

They do refills to, so keep those empty Ecover bottles :-)

Q:  What's better than buying environmentally friendly cleaning and personal care products?
A:  Buying them from boaters!

Visit them at:


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