Cask Ale Petition at Number 10

I'm usually somewhat sceptical about online petitions - especially so when they're on the Number 10 Downing Street website.  However, this particular one does make a great deal of sense.

Many canalside pubs, and those used by boaters near to the waterways provide a unique glimpse into our waterway heritage.  The economics of the Public House are more difficult than ever, especially given the highly discounted prices of 'supermarket booze'.

"Real Ale", albeit alcoholic, is in a slightly, different class, some may say 'quirky', certainly not associated with hoards of drunken yoofs chucking dustbins through shop windows on a Friday night.

The petition can be found at:

The fully proposal reads:

"I am petitioning for a reduction of 10p per pint on the duty levied on
cask conditioned ale (defined as beer that undergoes secondary
fermentation in the cask and can be dispensed by gravity without the
need of external pressure).
Cask ale is unique to the United Kingdom and should be promoted and
supported at every level. Along with our pubs, it is a living part of
Britain's heritage and attraction.
With high demand for quality, locally brewed ales comes an opportunity
to boost sales further by reducing the duty on this style of beer,
creating more local jobs and offering greener deliveries through
reduced delivery miles.
It should be noted that cask ale drinkers are not the binge drinkers
causing problems on the streets, but are socially aware drinkers who
respect their environment both in and out of the pubs they use. They
should be supported as an example to follow, not penalised by high duty
rates that do nothing to stem the tide of cheap supermarket alcohol.
Our cask ale is envied and sought out by drinkers worldwide. Now is the
time to see it given the Government backing it so richly deserves. "


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