Shared Equity Ownership

Please Note: This page is for information only, we are NOT currently taking on additional shared equity partners. 

Shared Equity Ownership, similar to a private shared ownership scheme, gives you the opportunity to enjoy your boat whenever you like (obviously in liaison and agreement with your Equity Partners) and gain a return on your investment by making it available for our experiences.

Shared Equity Consortiums can be as simple as a few friends or family members getting together to purchase a boat.   You could find that the purchase and refitting (to our exacting standards) of a previously cherished boat isn't as expensive as you initially thought once shared amongst a few friends.

It's best to do this via a simple, yet legally binding agreement, so you all know what to expect of each other.  We strongly advise you consult a Solicitor and Accountant prior to entering into an agreement.  We can provide samples of Shared Equity agreements as a 'starter' and also put you in contact with an Equity and Finance Group who can help finance your boat purchase with a small initial deposit. 


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