The Boat

Our dedicated Sheffield Hire boat is named "Musn Grumble"

Musn Grumble Boat Plan

(Layout for guide only - MUSN Grumble is currently undergoing a refit, see below)

Her specifications are as follows:

  • 54' long, 6' 10" wide (offering access to all waterways).
  • Semi-Traditional stern (enclosed sides and back with seating, safer for children).
  • 6 Berth - 1 fixed double, plus either 2 doubles or 1 double and 2 single berths.
    Comfort Rating:
    2 Adults = Extreme comfort, lots of space and storage.
    2 Adults + 2 Children = High comfort, good storage.
    4 Adults = Fair comfort, privacy of 2 cabins, adequate storage.
    6 Adults = To be honest, don't try to squeeze 6 adults in, apart from occasional weekend guests!

Full inventory as our other boats.


MUSN Grumble
(Photograph courtesy of Pete and Jan from Australia who hired MUSN Grumble in 2008 - Perfect Boaters in every respect!)


Musn Grumble is not just our Sheffield boat, she's also our Sheffield boat!  All of our boats have Sheffield made cutlery and quality cooks knives but we've taken this far further with Musn Grumble.  She boasts a newly re-upholstered interior by W F Caudle, a Sheffield upholstery firm established in 1918 and still run by the son of the founder - now aged in his late 80s (actually, the average age of their staff is somewhere near 75!), new curtains and cushion covers made by a Sheffield seamstress, various prints from Sheffield artists, including the renowned George Cunningham, historic photographs of local waterway, new fittings made by a Sheffield foundry, plating by a Sheffield electroplating firm, even the paint is made in Sheffield by by R J Stokes - a world leading manufacturer of quality industrial paints and coatings - we could go on, but reckon you'll have got the idea by now :-)

MUSN Grumble

As a company proud to be based in Sheffield we feel it's important to maintain the quality associated with the name of Sheffield, which is in itself a Registered Trade Mark of The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire (incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1624 - who have granted us permission from the Master Cutler to use the name 'Sheffield').  We are also committed to helping promote Sheffield in every possible sense, and we think you'll find Musn Grumble is a superb floating ambassador!

As we also offer MUSN Grumble for long term hire, we're currently (Feb 2010) conducting an extensive refit to the Galley, and also adding an automatic washing machine, lots more storage and worktop space, sink, drainer and a new oven & grill.

The front saloon is also getting severe refit treatment, making the seating more comfortable for 'mulching' and improving the ease of pulling out the pull out double bed. 

The whole front area is also getting some washable Flotex[TM] carpet


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