Hawkesbury Junction 

All long-term boats are fully booked until 2023

As you'll no doubt have guessed, apart from our Sheffield based hire boat, we don't operate a fixed price based on a weeks hire - it's impossible.

However, the following examples of recent experiences should give you an indication of our tariffs:

  • Luxury Romantic Weekend for 2 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) in July £495
  • 5 weeks starting end of June £3,250 (6 Berth)
  • 6 weeks starting at the beginning of June £4,950 (4 Berth)
  • 12 weeks starting at the beginning of May £8,950 (6 Berth)
  • 22 weeks starting December £9,950 (6 Berth)
    As an example, this equates to £75 per person, per week!

The main boating 'season' in the UK is between April and around the end of September.  Obviously due to increased demand, our tariff reflects these seasonal variations.  This is good news however, if you're looking for a long winter experience, equating to a weekly cost of around what you'd expect to pay for one night in a reasonable London hotel. This is especially beneficial (and highly recommended) for those contemplating a future life afloat.

Winter experiences can be quite outstanding, especially so if it snows.  Do be aware though that 'off season' is when British Waterways schedule maintenance works on the waterways network, therefore stoppages on certain sections are inevitable.  This can, believe it or not, enhance your experience as you'll find you have to carefully plan around such works.

All tariffs (apart from our Sheffield hire boat) are therefore individually calculated, based upon your requirements, boat availability, duration and time of year.

You will be expected to leave a modest deposit, calculated on the duration of your experience, age and number of crew, to cover loss or damage to larger inventory items (we do expect a number of minor breakages and don't charge for smaller items).

  • For a small fee we can provide overseas visitors with a (new and fully charged) mobile/cellular telephone connected to a UK network with pre-paid credit.  This is far cheaper than using the 'roaming' service of your existing service provider, especially for calling ahead to book locks, tunnels or restaurants.  This will also be yours to keep at the end of your experience.

All tariffs include Value Added Tax which is currently 20%

Morning on the Rochdale

Please note; Due to the exceptional quality of our boats, we primarily cater for more discerning and mature customers who demand higher levels of comfort and amenity.  We are unable to accommodate Stag or Hen parties unless previously agreed (and generally only then if all members of your group are over 40 years of age and accompanied by both Grandparents).  We openly welcome younger members of your crew but strongly advise parents teach their children to swim to a competent level before your trip and ensure they wear lifejackets at all times when on deck, helping to moor on the towpath and especially if helping at locks.

Please use our Contact Form, or give us a call to explore available options.  We are happy to work with you to develop an experience that not only suits your budget, but also suits you needs.

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